Red mullet, Pappa al pomodoro, Black fermented garlic

Red mullet Pappa al pomodoro Black fermented garlic

Tortelli fresh pasta, Sheep ricotta, Sweet peppers, Olive

Tortelli fresh pasta Sheep ricotta Sweet peppers Olive

Shortcrust, Blueberry, Vervain

Shortcrust Blueberry Vervain

Onion from Certaldo, Potato, Truffle

Onion from Certaldo Potato Truffle

Arnolfo Restaurant

Enjoy the gastronomic experience of the Arnolfo restaurant as a true freedom of expression. Here, we offer seasonal cuisine using local products. We let talent and passion run free through this artistic cuisine. Our personalities shine through each of our dishes.

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Summer 2021

Land evolutionLand evolutionLand evolution

Gaetano Trovato Chef

Land evolution


Vegetable architecturesVegetable architecturesVegetable architectures

Gaetano Trovato Chef

Vegetable architectures


Gaetano Trovato Chef
2 Michelin Star

Gaetano Trovato Chef